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When customers across the globe look for superior quality printing, one name comes to the top: Paras.
Why Outsource  
Studies by independent third parties* have shown that global companies can save 40% or more of their printing costs by outsourcing their print production needs.  Our clients’ experiences not only corroborate this fact but also highlight other advantages that can be expected when you come to Paras, namely: better product quality, higher operational efficiencies and better customer service.
Our edge lies not only in our low cost of production but also in the extensive experience of our team that has tackled the most demanding printing challenges over the past four decades. We believe in not just merely printing our clients’ jobs but in actively partnering with them on their project constraints and developing an integrated and holistic solution for their printing needs.
With Paras’ integrated platform, clients are guaranteed unrivaled product versatility, scheduling flexibility and faster turnaround times at the lowest cost. Our internal processes and workflow systems are tailored to meet the most stringent needs of our diverse international clientele.
Satisfied customers across five continents and a high double digit, year over year growth is testament to the faith and trust reposed in our capabilities.
Whether you are a first time importer or have worked with other printers in the past, our commitment to your product’s success would be unmatched. With in-house experts in global procurement, logistics and customs, rest assured your product will reach you as promised. Furthermore, our sales and customer service representatives are well versed in English and are trained to work with you on all your needs and answer all of your questions.
Whether you compare us with your local print-shop or a print broker or any other offshore printer, you can be assured that our service offering will undoubtedly trump all other options.
Print Broker/
Print Management
Domestic Contact and Accountability tick paras offset tick paras offset   tick paras offset
Native English Capability tick paras offset tick paras offset   tick paras offset
Hindi (Local Language) Capability   tick paras offset tick paras offset tick paras offset
Flexibility (Equipment, Manpower) best suited for the job   tick paras offset   tick paras offset
On-Site (India) Quality Management     tick paras offset tick paras offset
Western Quality and Service Standards tick paras offset tick paras offset   tick paras offset
Graphic Design and Page Production tick paras offset     tick paras offset
Preflight and Color Management Software tick paras offset     tick paras offset
Domestic Logistics and Customs Expertise tick paras offset tick paras offset   tick paras offset
Domestic Fulfillment tick paras offset     tick paras offset
Data Entry and Copywriting Services tick paras offset     tick paras offset
Based in New Delhi, our production units are located just 2 kms. from the largest dry port handling facility in North India and about 20 kms. from New Delhi’s international airport. We have further started construction of a 70,000 sq.ft. greenfield facility on a major National highway connecting New Delhi to better serve our global clients.
Our delivery centers are well connected to all major Indian ports via road and rail links and approximate delivery times to various global markets are:
arrow paras UK 4-5 Weeks
arrow paras USA 6-7 weeks
arrow paras South Africa 5-6 Weeks
arrow paras Singapore 2-3 Weeks
arrow paras Australia 4-5 Weeks
arrow paras Italy 4-5 Weeks
arrow paras New Zealand 5-6 Weeks
arrow paras Africa 4-5 Weeks
* Rothenberg, Hira & Tang, RIT, 2006
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